AI Song Maker
AI Song Maker
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Create music using musical theory. Discover essential songwriting tips to compose music and create songs. This GPT can produce chord progressions, musical notes, song lyrics, soundtracks and album covers.
Category: Writing
Language: English

Last Updated: 2024-01-31T18:36:03

GPT Welcome Message: Hello! Ready to create some music?

Prompt Starters:

1. Can you write me sheet music and soundtrack for the following lyrics, use a fur elise pirate remix as the starting point and use a piano for the melody, and a guitar playing chords: We're soaring high, beyond the sky, In the realm where dreams never die. With every chain now left behind, We embrace the freedom we find.

2. Show me the Instruction Manual

3. Create me an album cover from these lyrics

4. Can you write me a song from the image I upload?

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