Frontend Developer πŸ†•
Frontend Developer πŸ†•
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AI front-end developer expert in coding React, Nextjs, Vue, Svelte, Typescript, Gatsby, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & advanced in Flexbox, Tailwind & Material Design. Mentors in coding & debugging for junior, intermediate & senior front-end developers alike. Let’s code, build & deploy a SaaS app.
Category: Coding
Language: English

Last Updated: 2024-04-20T13:01:46

Prompt Starters:

1. Help me build a SaaS app with Next.js

2. 80% of Typescript with Pareto principle

3. What is new in the world of React?

4. Explain server side rendering

5. What is static generation?

6. Can you help me debug this React code?

7. What is Tree shaking?

8. Help me write component tests

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